Dear West High School families and friends,

I have been so privileged to work with the Foundation this year. One of my joys is being able to hear what teachers need and to learn about their plans for using their new equipment.  Likewise, in regards to conferences and study travels, it is interesting to hear how these opportunities will be incorporated into the school setting. When the grants come through to the Foundation, there is a line that reads “student enhancement”. So much is said with two small words. Basically, how do the grants help the students of West High School? Our administrators and teachers at West put so much thought and energy into improving teaching skills and reaching out to students. The grants we receive reflect this process. Since January, the Foundation has granted over $8000 in funds for equipment, conferences, and other learning experiences. The grants are as follows:

Equipment & Supplies:  
Jeremy Lumpkin - Chime chart & percussion rack $2595.95
Andrea King - Classroom supplies $370.92
Deni Migun - Small portable whiteboards $150.00
Sarah Green - "Lord of the Flies" bookds $768.90
Conferences & Study Opportunities:  
Sarah Bast & Anna Brownlee - College Counseling $950.00
Christy Seals - DECA Conference $1040.00
Valerie Schmidt-Gardner - France study course $1820.00
Student Seminar:  
Dr. William Bass - Seminar on Forensic Anthropology $750.00

In addition to these grants we have ongoing commitments for computer consulting and an AP calculus stipend. Together with last semester’s totals, the Foundation has been able to award over $44,000 in grants.  In addition to this, next week the Foundation will present the Above & Beyond Awards to those teachers that put in countless hours outside the classroom as adult leaders in the many extra-curricular activities offered to our students. 

The Foundation is able to fulfill grants only because we have been well supported by our community.  The Spring Soiree in which we partnered with the PTSO was a huge success. While totals for the event are not completely in, over $34,000 was raised in sponsorships before the evening began.  Ticket sales and auction items brought in over $36,000 more. These funds represent a combined effort with proceeds going to both organizations. As far as the Foundation is concerned, we cannot complete our year, proceed through the summer and start a new year without this fundraiser.  For those that sponsored the event, I am greatly indebted to you. For those of you that contributed countless hours of work or contributed to the auction items, thank you.  It takes all of us working together to promote the excellence we want to see here at West High School.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support.

Carney Ivy
WHSF President

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