September 2014

Dear WHS parents and friends,

Can you give $1 a day for West High School? The West High School Foundation (WHSF) kicked off our Fall campaign during Westfest on August 1st. This campaign helps to provide the necessary funds we need to fulfill incoming grants and computer technology commitments for the Fall semester. As an organization, we simply could not continue our work without this income.

During the Open House, I was able to share some of what I learned from attending the Tennessee School Foundation Conference this past August. The number of school foundations in Tennessee over the past 10 years has grown from around 40 to over 100. The school foundation phenomenon started on the West Coast and has swept across the nation as communities have organized to provide the extra funds necessary to enable teachers and administrators to raise the quality of education around the country.  This support gives communities a voice in what they would like to see in education today.

Will you help us at West High School? Will you join the West 365 Club? I invite you to visit our website at You can donate directly from the website as a one-time donation or over a period of time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

Many thanks to those who have already joined the West 365 Club!

Carney Ivy
2014-2015 WHSF President

For more information, you can download our free Foundation brochure here.

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