Dear West High School Supporters,

If you have come to this website, you are perhaps considering a donation to the West High School Foundation, or to West One to One Now!  However, you may also be confused by the request for support of both the Foundation and One to One.  Please allow us to clarify.

Simply put, the West High Foundation provides ongoing support to West, and fund raises annually to fulfill its mission to:

  • Support academic excellence for every student
  • Encourage faculty and staff development and retention
  • Promote diversity
  • Expand technology resources
  • Improve WHS facilities

West One to One Now! on the other hand, is a one-time campaign, which the Foundation is currently deeply engaged in with our community partners – a campaign team, West Administration and the PTSO – for this year only.   We very much hope to have a computer for every West student by January 2017, if at all possible.

So to be absolutely clear:  you can give to the West High Foundation, or to One to One, or to both.  

Of course we hope you may be able to give to both, to enable the Foundation to continue its regular strong support of West, and also to provide our students and faculty with a cutting edge educational technology as soon as possible.  

But also of course, the choice is yours.  We are pushing hard to complete the One to One drive this fall, and so we have delayed the annual communications from the Foundation that you may have received in prior years.  However, in January, our focus will shift back to the Foundation and to Spring Soiree!  

Yes, a lot is being asked of all of us this year, but after much research and discussion, we believe strongly in the opportunities offered by One to One, and also in the urgency of this initiative to give our kids the resources they need to succeed in today’s world.  It is the top priority of our new Principal and of the faculty, and we respect their expertise and leadership.  

So please do consider giving a gift to One to One this fall, and to the Foundation in 2017.  

But whether you give to one or both, and whatever you give, your support is vital to West, and our whole community offers you our heartfelt gratitude.


Sincerely yours,

West High School Foundation Board of Directors 2016-17