Dear Friend,

We believe that West High School is a special place, a notable example of a diverse urban public school performing well.  We also believe that excellent public education is crucial to our community, our state, and our country, because it is crucial to our children who are the future.  Every young person deserves a chance to reach for their full potential, and alongside the love of family, a good education is the most basic element of a secure and fulfilling life. 

Recall for a moment your high school years:  how much you felt, how much you were learning about life and the world, how confused you sometimes were, and how encouraged and perhaps inspired by a friend or a teacher.  They are the years in which we start to understand ourselves, to relate to others, to struggle with grown-up problems, to make choices, and to learn to work for our dreams and our loved ones.  They are formative years.  

As fellow members of the West High School community, we ask for your support of our students and faculty. We know you already do so much:  stand behind your kids, get them up and going, help them with their daily responsibilities, and get them to extra-curricular activities.  Whether alumni, parents, or just friends of WHS, you pay taxes and fees, come to meetings, stay informed, meet with teachers, cheer at sports events, work for the PTSO, volunteer when you can for whatever you can.  YOU are vital to the strength and success of the school – this is a certainty long understood by educators, well-established in research, and apparent to common sense.  

But here is where things stand:  while at the minimum public education guarantees kids a free education, it does not guarantee a first-rate or even a good education.  And the reality is that our students, teachers, and our school need more resources to compete with the best schools in the region and the country; to give our kids the best support we can to thrive in the world they will inherit.  Our kids are what we care about most, and our schools should be a shining testament to that truth.  

The needs of a school such as West are large and constant.  We invite you to take a look at the goals of the WHS Vision below.  These are ambitious goals, but they are also basic.  These things simply must happen, or this fine school that we all rely upon for our children will fall into decline, and with it, so will our neighborhoods, our community, and our homes. 

So we ask for your further support.  Any gift to the school is welcome.  Volunteer for whatever you can, or give any amount you can to the West High School Foundation.  Please follow the “Donate Now” link on the Home Page for more information on how to give.  

Thank you,


Ashley Jessie                                             Jed Diamond

Principal, West High School                 President, WHS Foundation


WHS Vision